My name is Edwin John Sain. As my name and life story show, there are multiple cultures in my origins, background and influences. I live in Cologne with my German partner, after growing up and living in Australia as a bilingual English/ Italian (Venetian) speaker.
That, together with my Slovene and Croatian family background, probably explains my interest in and passion for intercultural communication and language study. This also includes studying Russian at the University of Melbourne and teaching myself Slovene and some Croatian and Portuguese. However all this took a back seat after meeting my partner some years ago, when the focus turned to studying and learning German as well.

In Germany I have mainly worked as a translator working from German to English, particularly in the area of medicine and medical information services. This includes more than three years of regular translation for DocCheck's newsletter and medical information website.
I enthusiastically also do Slovenian to English, Italian to English and Russian to English translations. When it comes to English lessons my approach is flexible, individualised and interactive. My learning material is good and variable,in particular excellent exercises for advanced English students who want to prepare for the CAE or IELTS test.

Whether it be translations, proofreading, English lessons or other language assistance, all are provided with the utmost flexibility regarding times and pay rates and methods. Bitcoins are accepted as payment, since I strive to support alternative economy options and in particular those who work with ideals that make the world a better place. To arrange lessons or meetings for English conversation feel free to contact me!